• Ahmo Hadžiosmanović

    Ahmo Hadžiosmanović

    Survivor. Veteran. Veterinarian.
  • Dana Scully

    Dana Scully

    is an FBI Special Agent and medical doctor with a background in hard science who was brought in to use her scientific expertise and perspective on the X-files.
  • Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder

    is a highly skilled FBI Special Agent who brought his often-criticized method of formulating unconventional theories to the X-files.
  • Guy Matrix

    Guy Matrix

    "Every machine has it's own voice, don't you think?"
  • Mariana Quintero

    Mariana Quintero

    Serious business.
  • Nie Zheng (聂政)

    Nie Zheng (聂政)

    Didn’t want to be a roadhouse bouncer.