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Mission 4: Sapporo Japan

Night mission, Norzern Japan, Sapporo.

Mission Briefing:
A UFO landed in ze city and dropped 12 individuals near a mega-server farm.

Mission crev:
Nie-Zheng / assault specialist
Ahno Hadziosmnovie / Medic Specialist
Tony Marco / Scout Specialist
Tsai-Chen Wang / Engineer Specialist
Hans Müller / Rookie

Ach, virst mission vis zis kroup of death-dealers. I just arrived in zis ultra-secret oonit and am already picked up for a mission in Japan! My vater vould be proud. Let’s recollect vhat happened:

Ve leave ze Skyranger. Ze doors at ze front of ze server farm close from inside as ve approach… Tsai-Chen Wang and I varn ze ozers: ve are expected. Ze puilding is zurrounded py a fence, vit open kround around it, zero cover. Nicht Gut. Zere is light inside. 20’ feet tall puilding, one floor.

Ve decide to go around ze puilding to enter ze premises from pehind. We go clockvise. Zere is fery little cofer here… Zuddenly, a ginormous zpider comes out of ze building and heads at incredible speed tovard ze fire squad that vas moving tovard ze puilding. I vas covering ze rest vith Tsai-Chen Wang and shot ze fast moving creature, making a neat high-calibre hole through its chitinous carapace, but to not kill it… Ze spider lifts its front legs, revealing a femur-size stinger!!
Nie-Zheng shoots ze monzter at point-blank vith his shotgun: Head Shot!! Ze zpider is decapitated on ze spot. Ve notice zat ze door closed behind ze spider. Zey obviously knov ve are here… Tony zuggests ve take ze cameras out. Ve do just zat. Ahno Hadziosmnovie, our combat medic, takes a look at ze spider from up-close: ze ztiinger has eggs in it…

Ve pass ze first corner carefully. Nie-Zheng shoots anozer camera located above ze corner. Ze rezt of ze zguad stacks along ze zide vall vhile I cover ze front, Nie-Zheng kills anozer camera. Suddenly Ahno Hadziosmnovie is complaining zat ze floor is uneven, for no good reason. Do ze invaders have mental abilities to mess viz our minds? Ve hear ze front doors of ze puilding opening, and noise on ze roof! Tsai-Chen Wang moves avay from ze building to get a petter fiev, Nie-Zheng approaches ze next corner (back one). Ve gazer carefully along ze vall, covering all angles… Ve zuddenly zee a Sin Man appear at ze front corner behind us. He zuppresses Tsai-Chen Wang, preventing her from moving. Anozer Sin Man appears on ze top of ze roof above Nie-Zheng, and a sird one on ze front corner. Nie-Zheng tosses a very vell placed krenade at ze rooftop Sin man, obliterating him into a fin mist: nope, it’s a toxic cloud if I remember my briefing correctly. Tony puts his gas mask on and joins Nie-Zheng . I run along ze vall tovard ze front corner and toss an AP grenade right at ze feet of ze sin man suppressing Tsai-Chen Wang : Peekaboo, I kill you! Ve hear someone else on top of ze roof nearby… Ze gas cloud from ze dead Sin man is slovly drifting dovn tovard us.

Tony moves avay from ze vall to shoot ze Sin Man. Nie-Zheng shoots anozer camera past ze back corner. Ze roof Sin man tosses a Mace Grenade at Ahno Hadziosmnovie and me… We both squat on ze ground, puking zeir guts and helpless. Tsai-Chen Wang tosses an AP krenade at ze Sin man put doesn’t kill it outright. Angry, Nie-Zheng climbs along a pipe to ze roof, and guts ze vounded alien vith his Drench knife. Wunderbar! Ahno Hadziosmnovie and I vash our faces vith ze vater from our canteen and put our gas mask on, zen ze vhole squad stacks on ze building’s back corner.

Ve hear on ze radio that a UFO is closing in again, and that several Japanese F-18 are scrambling for interception. Ze UFO actually lands right next to ze ozer back corner, 30+ meters from us. Tree Sectoids/Greys and a hostage vearing tourist cloves exit ze building right next to ze UFO! Ve must stop zem, and ve have very little time… Ahno Hadziosmnovie shoots one of ze Greys dead. Nie-Zheng approaches carefully and reloads, he is too far to shoot vith his Shotgun or sidearm. Tony closes in and shoots vith his AR. I close in and shoot one of ze Greys: headshot kills it instanstly! Ze last Grey pulls ze tourist into ze UFO (out of sight), and tree more Sin men exit ze building, preventing us from stopping ze grey from abducting zeir prisoner. Ze Sin men suppress our front rov. Tsai-Chen Wang throvs a smoke grenade near ze Sin men, breaking ze line of sight: prilliant! Ahno Hadziosmnovie uses ze cover and gets inside ze puilding through one of ze packdoors. She passes tvo terrified Japanese vorkers, and sees tree more Sin men about to exit tovard ze UFO. She hides from vem.

Tony joins Ahno Hadziosmnovie and sees that he is hidden belov a computer console vith ze tvo Nippon vorkers. He also spots ze free more Sin men. Before ve can do anything to stop zem, all ze aliens climb onto zeir UFO, vhich takes off and leaves vith incredible acceleration. It is both amazing und terrifying…

I radio ze Skyranger to tell ze F-18s to stop ze UFO at all cost! Ve enter ze building, try to access ze footage but ze vhole computer interface and keyboard are in Japanese. Ten years of careful training foiled in an instant… Ve call for Indigo support to get help, zeb keep ze vorkers at bay vhile ve vait. Tsai-Chen Wang and Tony go explore ze rest of ze building vhile ve vait for ze Indigo zupport to get back to us. Zey find a zerver zat has obviously been tinkered viz. Ze Japanese techs get a phone call from some higher-up and help us get a picture of ze abductee from ze camera ystem. Ve send that to HQ to do facial recognition. Vhile exploring ze building, ve find several vorkers viz a very similar large chest vound (like a puncture), moving around oblivious to vhat happened to zem. Zey don’t vant to let go of zeir vounds, ov strange. Ve handcuff zem for everyone’s safety. Ze vounds are pretty serious, Ahno Hadziosmnovie zinks zey actually could die of zem. Ve suspect zey have an egg inside zem. I contact ze Skyranager to ask for zeir quarantining and transport out of here. Ahno Hadziosmnovie manages to take an egg out of one of zem.

Vorking on ze server, I figure out that ze aliens vere looking into Japanese Census data, and vere more specifically looking at a large kroup of individuals. I make a copy of zat data for furzer analysis. Ve figure later that the kroup zat interested the aliens are ze living national. We inform ze Japanese government that zese people may be targeted soon. Ve also run ze hacker’s footage trough a face recognition database and learn that it is a Russian hacker, ze zame man vho vas broken out of jail in a previous mission.

Next time:
- bring more grenades
- bring LAW or surface to air gun
- bring ARC thrower.


Awesome. Thanks, Hans!

Mission 4: Sapporo Japan
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